-Upcoming Events-

Upcoming Events

August 23rd: The Salinas to Carmel run for the Pebble Beach cars on Ocean Avenue. We meet at the T&A cafe in Spreckels (Salinas) at 8, and leave at 9:30. A little drive to Ocean Avenue for the FREE show, then hang out on a nearby street when the autocade drives on by. Stay tuned...

August 25th: The Concours d'Lemons. The funnyest car show you'll ever attend. The big buck cars are not welcome, go pay to see them down the road. It's so funny, even Jay Leno has been known to drop on by. Preregistration required. Details here.

October 20th: A North Bay Arcane visit to Sturgeon's Mill, the last steam powered lumbermill in CA. We'll be meeting up at TBD 10:00 and motor over to the event. Details here.

Non Club Events

August 22nd: Little Car Show, on Lighthouse Ave in Pacific Grove. The fee is $25 to enter. Details here.

Sept. 21st: The IRONSTONE Concourse d'Elegance on Saturday in Murphy's CA. Details (pdf) here.

Sept. 30th: San Jose Country Club 8th Annual Motorsports Show. Details (PDF) here.

2nd Friday of the Month: Auburn CA Cruise Night. Be there before 5, parking is limited. May thru September. On Lincoln Way.

Every Saturday: Donut Derelicts, Bagel Street Cafe @ 1049 El Monte ave in Mountain View 9 a.m.

2nd Saturday of the Month: Canepa Cars & Coffee, a fancy car gathering at 4900 Scotts Valley Drive, Scotts Valley, CA (April, June and October only). It's gotten so big, it's now sponsered by Hagerty Insurance.

4th Saturday of the Month: @ Santana Row (San Jose) has their Cars and Croissants. Aparrently for big buck exotics. Bring some beer and donuts to bring the atmosphere back to breathable.

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